Women’s Independent Film Festival

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“Adult Children” Written By Kathleen Sears

Script Competition Winner

(Five Minute Script Reading)

The calculated life of an ambitious businesswoman is turned upside down when she finds herself caring for her parents who both have dementia. Her brother offers little support but a caring nursing home director helps her navigate the system and her frayed emotions.

“The World Wheel” Dir By Chris Spencer

A colossal Giant eternally works the World Wheel deep in the planet's core, preserving the world's rotation.  By chance an unexpected visitor arrives and momentarily distracts the Giant with cataclysmic repercussions. In desperation the Giant tries to amend his error, but he only amplifies the devastation.

“A Knock At The Door”

Dir By Katrina Rennells & Wendie Weldon

Moments after a bloodcurdling scream disrupts Nick’s normally peaceful neighborhood, a frantic knocking at his door triggers events that unknowingly alter his fate forever.

“About Jewels” Dir By Nicholas Rose

Two dysfunctional sisters attempt to bury the body of a cheating husband before being discovered by a Good Samaritan passing by.

“The Mother Ducks” Dir By Steven Kanter

In the suburbs, middle-aged women have a hockey league where they take out their frustrations from stressful careers, raising their kids, and raising their husbands.  Each of these ladies relish the chance to transform from caring role models to trash-talking brawlers.

“Happy Hour” Dir By Ambika Leigh

A divorcee unsuccessfully attempts to teach her friend how to pick up younger men.

“Four Day Weekend” Dir By Nicole Jones

A middle-aged couple, married for twenty-three years, takes a four-day break from each other and the aftermath leaves their relationship shaken and tested but not broken.

“UMBRA/Eclipse of the Moon”

Dir By Urszula Nawrot

a sumptuous, intoxicating visual journey through the subconscious of the soul as memories from things past, present and perhaps even from the future collide to reveal secrets buried within a woman’s mind and heart.



“GRYGRDNS-Brocade” Dir By Amy West

Highlighting the darker side of GRYGRDNS' deeply emotive and immersive sound, the heavy­hitting track is beautifully matched by West’s surreal, yet visceral visual language.


Dir By Nils Taylor

A hiking expedition venturing out into the uncharted wilderness meets tragedy when a group of hunters selects them as prey.



“When Kids Grow Up”

Dir By Shahaub Roudbari

A defenseless woman is savagely attacked by a group of vicious men, only to reveal her own brutal intent against them.

“Emote: The Documentary”

Dir By Nichole Huenergardt

& Sharidan William-Sotelo

This documentary follows the young women of the Los Angeles Ice Theater, who figure skate to overcome the power of negative words and bullying.

“The Conquest Of Emmie” Dir By Pauline Marsh

A young pregnant rabbit-trapper comes across her old lover, a fisherman who has returned to town after months at sea. Moss' interest has not waned. When Emmie invites him to help her partner, Sam, meet his promise of building her a house the tensions in this triangulated relationship peak. Just as the baby is due to be born

“Chill” Dir By Jennifer Frappier

Weeks before she decided to freeze her eggs, actor, Jennifer Frappier began documenting her thoughts on fertility and parenthood. Throughout the film, Jennifer shares her story with vulnerability, courage and humor.

“Short Term” Dir By Aijia Li

After being abandoned by his mother, Tommy (12) is taken in by John who tries to give Tommy a better life.

“A Children’s Song” Dir By Shayna Cohen

The year is 1937. Alfred, a young German Jewish boy, and his father flee from Germany during the outbreak of WWII, finding a haven in Shanghai - the last port of refuge. When Alfred's father becomes sick, they are taken in by a local Chinese doctor and his family.


Sunday April 30th

The Complex Hollywood

Ruby Theater

6476 Santa Monica Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90038