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“Le Miroir” Dir. By Sébastien Rossignol

(France) 15 min.

Deeply traumatized and disfigured following a car crash, famous actress Vera Bella leaves Saint-James Hospital, right after having undergone a one-last-chance procedure. Fleeing media pressure, her assistant takes her to the family home, a manor edging the ocean which she has not seen since her childhood.
There, confined in her own silence, she locks herself in the bedroom, refusing any social contact, when odd phenomena will force her to face her deepest fears.

“DISCO” Dir. By Luke Snellin

(United Kingdom) 15 min.

July. 1997. The height of summer. England.

Oasis reach number one with 'D'you Know What I Mean'. Tony Blair has moved his stuff in to Downing Street. Meanwhile Danny is trying to tell a girl named Pippa that he likes her. On this Friday we follow Danny through miscommunication, gossip, chinese whispers and a love triangle between Danny, Pippa and his best friend Greg.

“The Escape” Dir. By James Connelly

(USA) 25 min.

Jasper, a lowly worker in one of England's filthiest prisons, serves as the hangman's assistant and cleans up the bodies of the dead. When he learns that his estranged son, William, has been imprisoned for petty theft and is set to hang, Jasper must reconnect with William and find a way to break him free.

“Heavy Lifting” Dir. By James Macdonald

(USA) 23 min.

Gaston is a young African-American man with a sense of foreboding about him. Alice is the middle-aged white woman who befriends him when he shows up to sell newspapers at the local supermarket where she cashiers. They make small talk. Alice tries to make him feel welcome, tells him the ins and outs of the small neighborhood mart, and gives him coupons for salami sandwiches from Mort the Deli Guy. Shortly after his arrival, Alice asks Gaston if he would come home with her to help with some heavy lifting. Gaston agrees, as he has no place better to be. Turns out Alice holds a surprise for him of more than just the vodka Shirley Temples and the old jazz recordings in her particularly fragrant San Pedro apartment, a surprise so strange and unexpected, that both their lives will become inexorably linked.

“Ashes” Dir. By Sonia Castang

(United Kingdom) 16 min.

Set in an out of the way hotel in a small town in England, Ashes is a film about two lovers, ASH & AMISHA and the con Ash pulls on rich and lonely housewives. Amisha has agreed to this grifter lifestyle as it once seemed dangerous and exciting, however the reality - the man she loves sleeping with other women - is eating her up inside.

“To Rest in Peace” Dir. By Fawaz Al-Matrouk

(Canada/USA) 18 min.

Occupied Kuwait, 1990. Two dead bodies lie in the street. Day after day, everyone passes them by, afraid to stop. Except one man.

“Diversion” Dir. By Chris Folkens

(USA) 14 min.

Sean Murray - a seemingly ordinary, mid-level attorney from Chicago - receives a mysterious phone call from a man threatening to kill his wife and child, unless he plays along in the caller's mysterious game. Sean finds himself neck deep in a global conspiracy that could mean life or death for the people closest to him.

“Possession” Dir. By Kameron Webb

(United Kingdom) 12 min.

Set in 1665 and 2010, Possession tells the story of Becky, a young girl boarded up with her plague ridden family, and her quest to reclaim her lost life.

“For Jie” Dir. By Hiroshi Hara

(USA) 10 min.

'For Jie' is a short film into the mind of a struggling husband & newborn father in the bustling streets of Guangzhou. Born and raised into poverty, life is a continuous struggle for Biaojia. If given the opportunity, he would wish a better life for his newborn son, Jie.

“Eloquent Silence” Dir. By Julia Keller (Germany) 26 min.

Marie is used to the drab monotony of everyday life on her parents farm. But it gets unbearable when Marie's older sister Anne surprisingly turns up for the first time after three years. The lost daughter back for her mother’s birthday. Marie takes off her prettiest dress again and begins a wordless battle against her older sister, about a lost love, against the silence of the others and her powerlessness. At the end, there is only enough room for one of the sisters.

“Above the Knee” Dir. By Greg Atkins

(Canada) 14 min.

Jack's suit-and-tie career never quite fit. As he summons the courage to dress for the job he wants, he risks changing the way his co-workers and his wife see and treat him.

  “Sentaku Basami”

Dir. By Vichian Sutipornprachum

(Japan) 18 min.

The sudden and unexpected news of a plane crash transforms a repressed housewife into an emotionally liberated woman....but only briefly

“Minnie Loves Junior” Dir. By Andy Mullins

(Australia) 14 min.

What does a girl have to do to get a boy's attention?
'Minnie Loves Junior' is a heart-warming tale of a little boy who loves the ocean, and a little girl who loves the boy.
Minnie lives in a seaside fishing village. Junior lives there too. Little does he realize Minnie's unrequited love will soon save his life!