Women’s Independent Film Festival

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“The Good Girl” Dir By Daren Taylor

When 'the perfect couple' is faced with a major life decision, the cracks in their relationship begin to show as the woman must confront unspoken rules she's never agreed to.

“100% Half” Dir By Naomi Sedgwick

After a half Japanese high school student gets stuck on a college application essay, she reflects on a series of auditions to not only answer the question but also come to terms with her cultural identity. 

“Carghost” Dir By Jesse Orrall

After losing her best friend, Lily starts to see ghosts in the passenger seat of her car.  Emotionally frazzled, she questions the ghosts' intentions as well as her own sanity.

“This Much” Dir By Natalya Padilla

Russian mail order bride tries to balance her love life with her rich but morally bankrupt husband and her scruffy yet charming paramour.



“Unstoppable” Dir By Giovanna Silvestre

This is dedicated to all women on the journey to find their true nature. You are enough!

“Abigail And Libby” Dir By Kelsey J. Nash

Abigail, a type-A basket case and Libby, her A-list shrink, must uncover the secrets of inner peace...before Abigail strikes again !!

“Keep Calm And Tampon” Dir By Claudia Lonow

Directed, written, and acted entirely by badass bitches, this musical follows a menstruating teen girl and her singing uterus who, on their quest for a single tampon, must battle teasing boys, tear down gender constructs, and even take on the United States Government itself, all while singing, dancing, and shedding a uterine lining.

“Marisol” Dir By Juan Escobedo

A little girl from East LA dreams of the perfect Quinceañera dress when her life takes a drastic turn after an incident of domestic violence.

“Generation Zapped” Dir By Sabine El Gemayel

A film about the invisible inconvenience of  wireless technology.



Script Competition Winner

(Five Minute Script Reading)TBA


Dir By Anna Haas

Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s “Delightful” music video celebrates self-empowerment and independence, and considers that happiness is a choice.

“Yes And No”

Dir. By Shannon Hardy

two high school best friends, KATE and DEVON, who confront their sexual chemistry while using a makeshift Ouiji board

“Nice To Meet You” Dir Celeste Hellman

This punk rock mom is going to ensure her daughter gets the boyfriend that she deserves.

“Mom’s Recipe” Dir By Zuxin Hou

When Ming (20-year-old-man) wakes up in a hospital chair, he realizes that all the sweet and funny moments he just experienced with he and his Mom were only some memories from his dream.

“Those Lips” Dir By Steven Krimmel

A young woman discovers the horrors of her plastic surgeon and his eerily similar patients. 

“Mystes” Dir By Anna Beckmann

The unfolding of a date, ending in ambiguously non-consensual sex, is revealed from two perspectives.

“After Maria” Dir By Kerry Clemens

In the wake of the aftermath of category 5 Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico, was the remote western town of Añasco. Would help arrive or not? This is what happened afterwards.

“Picking Back Up”

Dir By Westley Eldredge

At all costs, Anna attempts to get back to her long forgotten husband. The only problem is that she's locked out of her house and living in the driveway.

“Forty Nine Fifty” Dir By Crystal Pastis

Human connection emerges from the most unexpected of places when an EMT responds to a suicide threat.

“The Great Wall Of Vicky lynn” Dir Yu Ying Chien

For Vicky Lynn, there are three rules - Rule no.1: no dance club, no.2: no dance club, no 3: no dance club. So when her school dance club opens auditions, she must choose between forging her own path and following tradition. 

“Girl At Risk” Dir By Raaya Vardi

19 year old Shira is doing her National Service at a high school. Annoyed that she has been given no serious responsibilities, she attempts to help a 14 year old student in crisis, and is forced to pay a price for her naivety.


Saturday April 7th

The Complex Hollywood

Dorie Theater

6476 Santa Monica Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90038



“12:58” Dir By Kate Phelan

Meg got locked out moving the car- her three year old is upstairs

“A Woman Apart” Dir By Mary K Omelina

A Woman Apart is a short stop motion animated film about a woman in a small, tight-knit village facing what is to be the last morning of her life. She knows that she can save herself. But at what cost?

“The Nature Of Consciousness”

Dir By Jen Guy Metcalf

A traveler looks for a place to belong and comes to a realization about her existence.

“How To Say I’m Sorry” Dir By Kassandra Kanaar

A quirky love story about a man named Daniel, his shitty time machine, and the many foolish attempts to keep his girlfriend from leaving him.

“Zaza Rising” Dir By Lena Strothe

In a rural town in Rwanda, Christine decided to launch a social enterprise -- as an employer of her community’s most vulnerable citizens: HIV positive, single mothers.

“Exploding Feelings” Dir By Torrey Drake

A family is forced to face their issues when they attempt family game night for the first time since their parents divorced.

“We Know Where You Live” Dir By Honora Talbott

When a Mexican American couple moves into a trendy, gentrifying LA neighborhood, two hipsters invite themselves over to offer a 'warm welcome.' But as the night goes on, it’s clear these neighbors are not what they seem: cold pressed, cold brewed, and cold blooded.

“Tell Him” Dir By Virginia Bach

Why can't Maxime, 9 years old, visit his mother at the hospital?Why can't his father tell him ?

“Underneath” Dir By Elizabeth Abrams

Stefanie's been down a while. Will a visit from a loved one be the thing that turns her around?

“Josephine” Dir By Summer Vaughan

A young woman grappling with her inner traumas that surface at historic Bed and Breakfast in upstate New York as she waits for a mysterious guest to arrive.