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                    BLOCK ONE SCREENINGS



SHEDDING SKIN” Dir. By Rasa Acharya

This short dance film explores the dancer's reaction to her imagined/real critics. The film questions a performer's public versus private persona, as well as conventions of costume and dress. The film reaches into the heart of every artist - every personal endeavor - and finds resolution, if only for a moment

SI” Dir. By Sara Glaoua

A novel short journey of Louis, an 8 years old kid living by himself in a squat. Louis is scared of the darkness. Through the night we discover his fears, his dreams, his loneliness.

“MOPPET” Dir. By Dave Hill

John has second thoughts after selling his cat to a woman on Craigslist.

DEAR FAMILY” Dir. By Sarah Lew

A dramatic little girl runs away from home and writes to her family of her travels

“BLOOD BATH” Dir. By Kathryn Brillhart

A doll, awakened, follows a ribbon into an alternate reality where she discovers that which brings her life has the power to destroy her.

“SKYDANCERS” Dir. By Fredric Lean

An One-Hour Documentary by Fredric Lean About Women In Aerobatics, Big Dreams, Flying Airplanes, But More Importantly About Women Who Dare!

*Please note that all tickets will be held at the box office for pick up the day of the screening. All sales are final.

                    BLOCK TWO SCREENINGS




HARD” Dir. By Alexandra Kotcheff

A twenty-five year woman questions her virginity with a therapist while keeping one big secret to herself.

“DANCE OF THE BOOKS” Dir. By Lorena Fernandez

¨Dance of the books¨ is a stop motion animated short film written and directed by Lorena Fernandez Carrillo.   Look what surprises these timid books are hiding on a stormy night...

“TENGU” Dir. By Kenichi Iwabuchi

A guy is accused of stalking a lady at a police station, but these events take a twisted turn when a lady starts suffering from psychotic hallucinations. However things might not be what they seem.

“FRAGMENTED” Dir. By Douglas Elford-Argent

When an American husband goes missing in Mexico, his wife must uncover the truth about his past.

*Please note that all tickets will be held at the box office for pick up the day of the screening. All sales are final.

                    BLOCK THREE SCREENINGS




Intergalactic travelers observe the rich and powerful using material possessions to lure the naive into becoming cheap laborers, forced to manufacture the very items they were deceived with.

VISCERA” Dir. By Lauren Morrison

By referencing the human body and the absurdity of high society manners, Viscera examines the disconnect between food and source, rich and poor, and the intentional ignorance that allows exploitation to flourish.

JAYSIN VOXX ‘HANDS ON ME’ ” Dir. By Carlos Hurtado

Billboard Pop Artist Jaysin Voxx  releases his new music video 'Hands on Me' by awarding winning director Carlos A. Hurtado

I AM” Dir. By Kathryn Brillhart

I AM is an experimental short that explores the kundalini rising through dance.


This short revolves around Hollygrove, which was founded in 1880 as the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society. The focus of the film is about healing and the true life story of Monserrat, a former child in crisis who shares how she learned to trust and love herself again after experiencing trauma and despair.

HANDS OF FLAME” Dir. By Steven Markowitz

The fires of hatred have been unleashed and now we, victims of a burning paradise, kneel at the pedestal of death.

MESTIZO” Dir. By Talon Gonzalez

Multiethnic individuals express the complexity of self-identity when confronted with the question 'What are you?'

KIJK HIER NIET NAAR” Dir. By Guy Fellemans

A man is visited by two federal officers who have an urgent request for him.

CASSANDRA” Dir. By Guy-Roger Duvert

In a medieval world, two thieves infiltrate a besieged city, in order to retrieve an artifact. But when they are saved by a priest who mistakes them for mercenaries come to help the town, choices have to be made.

SHARE” Dir. By Jason Lange

A couple must decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level of intimacy by using a technology that allows people to share their entire life experiences with another person.

HAPPY HANDS” Dir. By Honey Lauren

How one Hollywood starlet helped so many... and changed the face of an industry.

*Please note that all tickets will be held at the box office for pick up the day of the screening. All sales are final.

Spring 2014 screenings      

  Saturday Oct. 18th

Promenade Playhouse


1404 3rd Promenade Ave.

   Santa Monica, CA


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